June 10, 2010

|~ Gathered Sleeve Pattern!

Well, you know those weeks where you plan on getting something done Monday morning, but it doesn't get finished until Thursday morning? Yeah, that's this week for me. :P But! I have a little treat for y'all today: A free sleeve pattern! I've only tested it twice, so its not perfect, but it sure is cute! I loved the sleeves on this dress so much that I had to try them again. I put them onto this sheer shirt:

You'll find the pattern on the "Free Downloads" page of FreshModesty.com!
Here are the instructions for use:
Click on the "Gathered Sleeve Pattern". Click on the Print button and print out the four pages. Tape them together, matching the black lines. Cut it out.
Use the pattern piece. For the gingham dress, I cut the sleeve on the bias. For this sheer shirt, I cut it on the grain.
Sew the A sides right sides together with a 5/8" seam allowance. Make a casing for thin (1/4"-1/2" is what I used) elastic on sides C and D. Side D is tricky around the curves. It doesn't have to be completely smooth, the gathers hide a lot.

Sew the sleeve to the arm hole. Match side A up with the side seam of your garment, and sew from the side seam towards the front, then from the side seam towards the back. The dotted line in the above diagram is what side B will be sewn to.
You can either insert the elastic before or after you sew the sleeves onto the bodice. If you insert it after you sew them on, then leave the ends of the casing unsewn.

These are not complete instructions because thinking is good for you! ;). 


  1. I love the shirt and can't wait to try out the sleeve pattern. Thanks for sharing!!!


  2. What kind of fabric did you use is it strechy at all? I bought fabric to make a shirt kinda like this but can't decide if it would work better if it was kinda strechy.


  3. Michelle, the fabric is slightly stretchy along the bias. If the fabric isn't stretchy at all and you make it as tight as mine, you might want to put a zipper somwhere if you can't get it on. Thanks for the comments! Let me know how the sleeve pattern works!

  4. I'm gonna give these sleeves a try. I'm not sure how they attach to the shirt. I have the two long pieces to go over the shoulders, but I haven't sewn them on yet. How did you measure how long to make your elastic?

  5. I love your stuff. You are AMAZING!

  6. Hi Olivia, absolutely love the sleeves! The link to download doesn't work anymore :( Anyway, could you put it back up? Thanks so much for the lovely blog!

    1. Hey! Sorry that it doesn't work-- I did a redo of my website. If you email me at freshmodesty@gmail.com I'll email you the PDF. Blessings!


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