September 22, 2009

|~ Unintentional Ensamble

Life is *extremely* busy these days, so when I was resting from a big trip at the beach, I took some time to sew some of my fall pieces. My first creation was this almost-salmon-colored knit shirt.

I used two different fabrics, both the same color and weight. The main fabric was a thicker knit and the accent fabric was a ribbed knit.

I drafted the sleeve pattern and based the rest of the proportions off of the pieces from Simplicity 2580.

Sleeve, neck (filler) and hem bands of the ribbed knit. Neatly topstiched.

To make it not look so low, I added a strip of fabric to the neckline, attaching it at the arm holes.

I also made 2 skirts that day, one of which is this linen A-line with a ruffle that unintentionally matched the shirt perfectly. I didn't even realize they would match until I had finished both. I also made a rust-colored wool skirt from the same Butterick 3134 I used for the linen one. View C (hits the floor on me) putting the pieces on the fold instead of having a seam. New favorite skirt pattern. New favorite shirt.


  1. Wow Livvy! I realllllllly like that shirt! That color will look awesome on you!


  2. I *LOVE* it! You are just as amazing as the Harper girls!

    ~AnneGirl (S&S)

  3. Wow,I love them both!
    They look realy nice together.


  4. Oh I love it! =D Would you mind if I did a review of your blog on mine?

  5. WOW! A super cute outfit!

  6. I love the shirt! It was a great idea to use the top from that dress pattern, you're a genius! I love the ruffle on the bottom of the skirt too, very feminine.

  7. I love the shirt!! You inspire me!
    Madeline(Botkin confrence) email me I'd love to hear from you

  8. SERIOUSLY livvy. SEROIUSLY. Stop being so great already.

    <3 you SO much.

  9. Love what you did to make this drapey cowl neck beautifully modest!


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